Socialising in isolation

This has been a really difficult blog to write. Usually, I hate those words as they normally lead on to something hideous. Not that what is happening in the world at the moment is not hideous, just that I haven’t been able to find the words to express all the thoughts in my head at the moment.

One thing I am certain of is that the focus if the last 30 odd weeks is over… for the moment. I’m still awaiting the official announcement from Ironman Lanzarote and confirmation from our accommodation in Puerto del Carmen, but after the last week it’s blatantly obvious it’s not happening.

Jon and I have been working together for just under eight months and we’ve achieved a hell of a lot in that time. I’m now back running regularly, and although it’s not easy, it’s definitely getting faster. I’ve swum more than I’ve ever done and can comfortably cycle for a few hours now. But most importantly, I’m back to exercising regularly and enjoying it. And if I can’t get to the start line (which is the original goal) then this is a very good second best.

So now what?

Well, the most important thing is not to lose the fitness gained over the last few months. The road bike is still hooked up to the turbo, G has planned some fifteen minute conditioning sessions which combines body weight and light weights to inject a bit of movement after sitting at the desk so long, and I have reloaded the 5×5 weight lifting app for more serious conditioning training.

I just wanted to thank Coach Jon from 4Performance for his hard work and support. If you’re looking for coaching help, definitely check him out.

Away from training, I’ve had lots of questions that I’ve been struggling to find answers for. Now may well be the perfect time to actually take the time to work out some solutions and then put them into action.

The world is filled with wonder but we’ve all been so busy, we sometimes forget to stop and look. This will be our opportunity now.

4 thoughts on “Socialising in isolation

  1. The training for sure hasn’t been in vain. The IM decision isn’t in your hands, but it sound like you’re making the best of it. Getting to the point you’ve reestablished really positive training habits will be worth more than an IM medal anyway 👍🏼

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