Moments of impact

So there we have it. Official confirmation has finally arrived in my inbox confirming the inevitable. They have offered a couple of alternatives for this year or an automatic transfer to 2021. We could play the guessing game as to what will happen next or play it safe, so I’m going to play safe and opt to transfer to next year.

I’ll have to confess I would be ecstatic never to see a bloody turbo trainer again but with the government guidelines being what they G and I will persist a little longer. The last thing I want is for one of us to have an accident and cause even more stress to a stretched NHS. In any event a break from the relentless Ironman training is due and has been effected immediately. Although we’ve not quite swapped it for cake and pizza yet.

In the meantime, and I feel embarrassed to say this since so many are struggling, but this change of routine is genuinely a gift. It’s like divine intervention has pressed pause on the treadmill of life, that recently has been getting faster and faster (which seems to result in more fatigue than fitness). Now we’re able to jump to the side rails and rest for a while. Stretch maybe and even when we get going again, alter the setting to something less strenuous and more rewarding.

I realise this is not everyone’s reality right now and being in this position is a luxury that in allowing the onset of panic could be easy to ignore.

A couple of days ago I had to go into hospital for an investigative procedure. The ward was incredibly quiet, one nurse explained that most of the staff had already been seconded to other departments already in need of help. He also said that any further referrals to the ward would likely be postponed or only open to the most urgent cases, as the ward was likely to be converted to an ITU soon. I could hear one nurse on the phone to procurement trying to locate some protective equipment for the staff but it appears there is none to be found anywhere.

And even in testing circumstances the staff were nothing but kind. As I went in for the procedure, the staff apologise to me for having to wear face masks. It’s unbelievable that people can work in such circumstances and still be so lovely. So please don’t take the piss with the freedoms we have at the moment. The restrictions are there for a very valid reason, these people need protecting as much as we can.

G and I have been enjoying setting new habits since the restrictions of movement came into force. With the earlier sunrises and recent nice weather we’ve been waking before the alarm. So instead of staying in bed we’ve been getting up and out for our permitted exercise. For much of it we see no one, accompanied mostly by the rising mists from the bodies of water that surround where we live. It feels like the landscape has been evacuated in a post apocalyptic world and it is only the glimpse of an early morning dog walker that brings us back to the modern world.

Apart from those brief interludes (and in the interest of making the most of the current opportunity) I’ve been enjoying more exploration online where so many opportunities are being presented. I’ve already joined a Zoom discussion group for creatives and business owners – I am neither at present but have plans in the pipeline – and blimey, who had even heard of Zoom two weeks ago? I’ve set aside a set of lessons to learn (revise) how to sew and most deliciously of all, have saved a series of You Tube videos of Jennifer Ehle reading ‘Price and Prejudice’.

While trying to process to speed to change this week, I was reminded of a quote by Australian poet Cindy Cherie.

This moment of impact will not be limited to defining our lives, it will define a new world in which we live. We have a marvellous opportunity to redefine humanity.

2 thoughts on “Moments of impact

  1. Good to hear you are enjoying the pause. This morning on the radio they were saying how noticable with less traffic and background noise you can hear birdsong. This time of year before our visitors arrive from Africa it is our natives of robin, blackbird etc and maybe time to stop and listen and learn which song is from which bird. I then went out into the early frosty morning and enjoyed the beautiful blue sky and calm of the morning. I may hate what we are going through right now but the runs are takign the place of my morning commute and set me up nicely for a day working from home. Enjoy your peace and yur Zooming.


    1. I’ve been trying to learn birdsong since we relocated. Rob M is an amazing authority on them. I sometimes send him recordings like a bird quiz. He’s never let me down. 😂


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